PDI is an In-House and Full-Service digital media and communication agency which was formed by a team of Turkey’s biggest Internet provider’s creative and innovative people.

We believe that every approach for a client should also have a soul. This soul allows us to see that there is a living structure in every kind of digital marketing, communication and design inquiries.

For over 3 decades, PDI Group started contracting business deals with both international and national companies including in the field of technology, banking, investment, finance, services and others. Later on, with starting internal company needs, PDI group incorporated a talented group of people from Turkey's biggest Internet provider's (Superonline / Turkcell) digital media and communication team to construct an agency with an ability to develop business which never even existed before. While the internet entered our lives, not only the corporate base but also personal, PDI Group were developing campaigns for the newborn industry.

Let’s get back to the present!

Having an enormous experience with Turkey’s biggest clients, which by the way most of them were their own industry leaders with international awards, we’ve been developing digital media solutions for our clients with our tailor-made approach. Having long term business deals with our valued clients defines what our success story is all about.

Reliable business relationships which we built for the last 25 years are our key strength which construct our very soul. In addition to that, we’re proud of working for over a decade with our satisfied clients.

In a nutshell, we welcome clients who are pursuing a contemporary approach for communication and digital marketing goals.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is building reliable, tailor-made, long-term relationships with our customers based on our essential values.

Our mission is With more than two decades of experience, PDI will remain as the key factor at digital media solutions and corporate communication campaigns for its clients as their both international and national goals.